Film presentation NYsferatu: Symphony of a Century by Andrea Mastrovito | Museo Novecento, 10 July h. 9,15 p.m.


Andrea Mastrovito
NYsferatu: Symphony of a Century

10 July 2018, 9.15 pm
Museo Novecento, Florence
In collaboration with Biagiotti Progetto Arte Foundation

Program of the evening:
h. 9.15 p.m.: institutional greetings and introduction to the film.
Speakers: Sergio Risaliti, Artistic Director Museo Novecento; Tommaso Sacchi, Head of the Secretariat for the Culture Department of the Municipality of Florence; Andrea Mastrovito.
h. 9.45 p.m.: projection.
Free admission (seats available: 70)

The Biagiotti Progetto Arte Foundation is pleased to invite you to the screening of the feature film NYsferatu: Symphony of a Century by Andrea Mastrovito.

NYsferatu: Symphony of a Century by Andrea Mastrovito is a rotoscope recreation of Friedrich W. Murnau’s seminal 1922 film Nosferatu, itself an adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Mastrovito’s NYsferatu: Symphony of a Century is a spectacular, hand-animated, silent film. It combines music and community engagement to create a powerful and poignant statement about the horrors of the unknown and the inspiring search for liberty.
NYsferatu: Symphony of a Century questions the classical interpretation of the vampire, seen here as the prototypical outsider, while it addresses the many obstacles encountered by immigrants who often escape war and hardships at home only to face challenges such as economic exploitation, discrimination, and xenophobia in their new country. The artist, whose installations have captivated viewers throughout Europe and New York, aimed to create a summary of our times, a kind of “everybody’s biography” using cinema as a popular language.

“Drawing is humanity’s most basic language,” said Mastrovito. “This is why I try to understand and describe the world we are living in today through thousands of drawings and visual allusions. Very often the best mediator between the world of ideas and the real world is a simple pencil.”

The 65-minute animation film was conceived and created by the artist with over 30,000 drawings produced together with 12 students from the Academy of Fine Arts G. Carrara of Bergamo and the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera. The film was produced by More Art (New York non-profit that promotes public art and educational programs inspired by social justice, already engaged with artists such as Andres Serrano, Ernesto Pujol, Tony Oursler, Joan Jonas) and supported, among others, from a fruitful crowd funding operation. The film premiered in New York in August 2017, hosted in various venues, from Queens Museum to Central Park, from the Magazzino Italian Art to the Cantor Film Center.
In November 2017, the film was presented at the Rome Film Festival as a “special event”. Other presentations were in January 2018 at the Grütli Theater in Geneva, in February at the Kunsthalle in Osnabrück, in April at the Stelline Foundation in Milan, in June at the New Eden cinema in Brescia and in Vienna at the Belvedere 21, a detachment for modern and contemporary art at the famous Belvedere Castle.

In July 2018 Mastrovito’s film will be presented at three events in Italy: Monday July 9th in Bergamo, at the GAMeC – Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art of Bergamo, Tuesday July 10th in Florence, at the Museo Novecento, and Thursday July 12th in Palermo, at the evocative monumental archaeological park of Castello a Mare.

The film is accompanied by an original musical score composed by Simone Giuliani.

We also take the opportunity to remind you that the exhibition Andrea Mastrovito. Collages 2003-2012, on display at the Biagiotti Progetto Arte Foundation, will remain open until the end of September 2018.

NYsferatu: Symphony of a Century
July 10th 2018
Museo Novecento
Piazza Santa Maria Novella, 10 – Florence

Free admission (seats available: 70).